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our future. Forget everything you know about Genetically Modified Organisms,
Biotechnology and Biological Warfare, the Future is here already.

Thursday 13 December 2012

Safe cracking successful!

AMBER's latest assignment for its operatives was to work out the code for four identical safes located in various places around the East Midlands, I'm ashamed to say I don't think my contributions to the safe's combination were particularly fruitful but it was a sterling team effort.

We were left four clues to the safe

TLP / DT / AOS / S

Several theories were suggested,

TLP was assumed to mean "The Little Prince" a book by Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry, one of the clues from earlier in the year, the clue was of what appeared to be a brick with three holes.  It was in fact a box containing an imaginary sheep drawn by the narrator at the request of the titular Little Prince.  The box was pictured in chapter 2, page 7 so the first three guesses were 2, 3 and 7.  

DT was thought to refer to the dog tags depicted in AMBER episode 4 depending on whether you counted the one that Rachel Baxter already had in her possession that gave you either 6 or 7

AOS it was decided must mean Ace of Spades as shown in the same Episode, especially given the emphasis that Rachel gave it in the video, she highlighted that the Ace of Spades in Tarot tradition depicts death, AOS was assigned four possible values, 1 as the Ace is the lowest card, 2 as there were 2 Ace of Spades depicted in the video, 4 as Death is the fourth horseman of the apocalypse and finally 6 as in the video Rachel finds a joker in The Admiral Benbow on a beer calendar, blu-tacked to the month of June.

S was originally assumed to refer to the Scrabble tile Dr Baxter left Rachel.  The tile left was an F tile.  F in Scrabble has a points value of 4, it was also thought to refer to Siebenhof which was erroneously transcribed from the video, Sieben was translated from the German as 7 whereas Siebenhof, having 9 letters was also attempted.

In total over 50 combinations were tried before a successful attempt was made, a further 200+ permutations had been postulated at this point.  Plans were being drawn to make a concerted effort over the approaching weekend when an agent indicated that he had successfully cracked the safe.  The final code was given as 6728a and revealed a phone which played a message from Dr Baxter.  It also contained three pieces of paper and the back of the safe door contained some vitally important information which led to the TFT Biotechnology website being compromised by AMBER agents.   The Military section has been compromised up to security clearance level 6, we still need clearance for at least levels 7-9, there is no current indication as to whether further clearance levels exist.  The work undertaken by AMBER agents has indicated that another shadowy figure has appeared on the periphery of our awareness, a Miss Diamond, possibly Miss R. Diamond, based one of the documents recovered from the safe and the voice-mails that were uncovered by dialing the number from the safe and entering the codes listed for each of the TFT board members.  It appears one of the TFT board members Suzan Battler has been targeted for assassination which will be made to look like a suicide.

Things are getting deep, it's okay though, I'm from the Internet.

Wednesday 28 November 2012


Apologies for my absence, if I thought things were tense before they just stepped up to a whole new level.

On Sunday I was assigned to meet up with an agent who was told he would be putting me in contact with another agent at a secure location.  Before the meet could take place I was abducted and taken to a building nearby.  Four men in a silver Range Rover took me off the street put a bag over my head and bundled me into a car.  I was questioned about my involvement with AMBER in a bare room by a weaselly looking man sporty a dodgy moustache, guess even dark, corporate types are going for Movember.

I tried to give them as little as possible, I don't know if they think they got anything useful out of me.  I stuck to things that I knew they knew already.  They had my Facebook profile, my real one, the one I use for this blog is a cover.  Little bit freaky.

The latest on this is available at here's the link to episode 3, AMBER has been able to recover some of the footage taken by TFT during my abduction.  I'm in the last few seconds of the clip, I know it's me, that's my laptop bag and coat.  The sick maniacs will stop at nothing!

We at AMBER are working on something big, hopefully it will get right to the heart of what's going on and allow us to bring down TFT and TFT Biotechnology altogether.

Spread the word, Join the cause and whatever you do.  Don't eat YELLOW SNOW contaminated crops.

Thursday 8 November 2012

Thoughts before active duty

Things are getting more tense, a fellow agent has under taken his contact in Derby, although unharmed he was rather shaken by an unexpected contact with a suspected double agent going by the name Loz.
This particular agent is believed to be dangerous, subversive and probably involved with the abduction of Dr. Baxter, it is my aim to attempt to capture a better image of him should he attempt to make contact with me.  Time will tell if I am successful in this and further to that, whether or not I survive the contact unscathed.

0125030918 011309261416:

14151716 250104 0309 01 14180122, 0809 0724 262414 21262408 08150914150918 232402 2418 141509 0323010521 16222414 05242614010514 050126 0309 14181216140907.  1418090114 03241415 08171415 09061418092509 05011214172426.  1711 01260403240704 081716150916 1424 011414092607 26241414172613150125 05242614010514 012607 141804 1424 240314011726 2215241424131801221516 2411 0113092614 232402 250121172613 141509 1501260724100918 222309011609 05242614010514 2509 01160122

1726 01 14172509 2411 122617100918160123 070905091714, 14092323172613 141509 1418121415 1716 01 18091024231214172426011804 010514 - 2416050118 0817230709

21090922 16011109


Monday 5 November 2012

Active Duty

This week I will be going on active duty for AMBER this means I will be in direct danger.

To safeguard myself I have created a sub-cell of people I know I can trust.  People who know that if something happens to me, that they will have to continue to spread the truth about companies like TFT by word of mouth so that it remains untraceable.

Life as a Service (LaaS) cannot be allowed to reach fruition.  If it does it will spell the end of liberty as we know it.  Imagine paying a subscription fee to live.  Imagine having to pay for the ability to breathe of digest food.  Imagine being targeted for execution by a bio-engineered wasp for not keeping up the monthly payment on your subscription to life.  

I saw an anti-GMO van today, it appeared to be advertising Soya Products but I didn't get a decent look at it unfortunately.  Next time I'll try and take a photo if I can.  It was near Jubilee campus where all this research seems to have some kind of base.

17 072426'14 21262408 081524 141509 13242407 13120416 011809 01260425241809...


Thursday 1 November 2012

Weird day

Today was kind of a weird day, work was fine, though perhaps a little busier than normal.  The weirdness started at lunch, I left to grab something to eat and the whole way to Subway I felt like I was being watched. Maybe it's simple paranoia setting in but I can't shake an ominous feeling that's been hanging over me all afternoon.  

You know those old movies, the type with the Soviet snatch squads, KGB type thing.  Where one of the characters is striding along a wind-blown street in autumn, gusts of fallen leaves sweeping down the tarmac.  As he (or she) rounds a corner, a van screeches to a halt behind him.  The side door slides open and faceless arms haul him backwards into the van with a bag over his head.

Maybe my imagination is running away with me.  Maybe I've been watching too many films from the 80s, or for that matter maybe seeing Dr. Baxter being marched off is playing havoc with my mind.  

In other news I've been struggling with... a program of a considerably sensitive nature... most of the agents appear to have it working successfully but I haven't been able to get it to work so far. It's frustrating to say the least.  I'm told another version will be available soon, perhaps that will solve my issues with it.

I've also been working on a colour banner for distribution based on AMBER propaganda material.

This is just a basic one, I might play around with creating one from scratch or photoshopping some stock graphics.

Wednesday 31 October 2012

Someone has sourced a better video!

Shortly after my last post another truth seeker, at least I hope to God he's on our side, re-posted one of my entries with a link to a better video hacked straight from TFT's website, he's clearly a smarter guy than I am.  Assuming he's not one of them... I'm already hearing rumours about an Agent "Loz" who has apparently infiltrated AMBER only to be uncovered as a TFT affiliate.  Maybe that was how TFT found out about the lecture in the first place?  The plot thickens so to speak anyway, here's the video, I have placed a link to johnofengland's blog in the side bar for future reference too.

The video!

I don't know how long the link will stay good for, after all, if TFT find out we've got it they will simple relocate the file and break the link.  Can someone who's better with technology than me capture the footage and host it independently?


AMBER have linked another video on their main site

Second Video

The abduction and a few lecture slides

I managed to take a short video of Dr. Baxter's abduction, apologies for the poor quality, my phone's camera lens had fogged over in my pocket.  Also, I was a little shaken.  There are better videos out there.  As promised in my previous post, here are the slides from the now infamous lecture:

As you can see I only captured part of the lecture, more information is out there and Dr. Baxter was prevented from revealing the full extent of what he had uncovered during his research and time spent in the field investigating TFT and their activities.  TFT Biotech seems a good place to start if you want to know more, they have a military wing which I didn't realise.  I think this goes a lot deeper than people are willing to admit...

In a time of deceit, truth is a revolutionary act...

We are AMBER